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Hole in One Insurance from WorldWide Hole ‘N One, a perfect solution for golf days and events.

WorldWide Hole ‘N One are a leading provider of hole-in-one insurance and associated prize insurance and event insurance products. WorldWide Hole ‘N One was founded in 1996 as a sister company to US market leader American Hole ‘N One. After initially dealing with just the UK market, WorldWide (based in Harpenden, Herts.) has extended its client base around the globe to include Europe, Australia, and Asia.

The initial focus was in providing the industries leading hole-in-one tournament package to the corporate golf market. Over the first few years, on course marketing developed into a whole range of promotional products and our prize insurance now underwrites dream prizes for TV Shows, Publishes, On-Pack Promotions and more.


WorldWide Hole ‘N One are based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, with an additional office in Lloyd’s Insurance building, the heart of the global insurance market. Whilst we began life as a niche hole in one insurer, WorldWide now underwrites a wide range of contingency insurance products.

In 2002, as WorldWide Special Risks, we opened our Event Insurance division, to underwrite the events industry from the financial risks associated with organising or attending an event.

Insurance including Cancellation&Abandonment, Non-Appearance, Public Liability, Employers Liability and All Risks Property Insurance is available for a range of events from a private function or local fete to a major conference, exhibition or festival.

As an Underwriting Agency and Coverholder at Lloyd’s, we are able to provide insurance cover with an AM Best A (Excellent) rating, providing our clients with the peace of mind they need to know their prize fund and budgets are completely secure.


Insured Contests

Whether or not someone wins the prize will depend on an element of skill or chance. Knowing how often the contests are likely to be won allows us to take the risk. WorldWide will work with you to customise the insured promotion. We calculate your insurance premium based on the type of contest, the chance of having a winner, the number of people taking part and the value of the main prize. We’ll then issue you with an insurance contract, confirming the terms of your cover and you pay the insurance premium, usually prior to the start of the event. In the event somebody wins the contest within the terms of your contract, we’ll reimburse you for the cost of the prize and you can pay out with a big smile on your face!

What if I don't have a winner?

In the event there is no winner we suggest all insured promotions have a consolation prize. This provides the opportunity to tie multiple sponsors into the promotion. Each promotional idea you receive from WorldWide will include a suggestion for ancillary prizes so that every finalist goes home a winner. For example: Offer a car as a hole-in-one prize on a golf day, but back it up with a nearest the pin prize to ensure someone walks away with a prize.

How do I know my winner will get paid?

WorldWide Hole ‘N One Limited is a Lloyd’s Coverholder providing insurance on behalf of Underwriters at Lloyd’s, the world’s largest insurance market ( www.lloyds.com ). If you are going to purchase a promotional insurance contract, WorldWide can provide all the security you need.

What can I insure?

Anything you wish, up to and including Ten Million Pounds. Choose the prize to suit the specifications of the client, product, and promotion. You really can offer anything including cash, world trips, extreme holidays, houses, sports cars, motorbikes, a years salary, jewelry or even 1,000 CDs.

What, When and Where?

WorldWide’s contests can be tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of promotions and events. Add excitement on a golf day, increase traffic at a retail outlet, maximise footfall at an exhibition or any event, create awareness for a sponsor and excitement for the fans at a sports venue or spice up the night at a nightclub or bar.

Event Insurance

WorldWide’s Event Insurance is the ideal way to ensure peace of mind for your event. Whether you’re organising a small party with a few guests, a golf day with 100 players, or major exhibition or concert with thousands, our event insurance will cover you for a number of unseen and unfortunate eventualities. Our event insurance offering includes cover for Cancellation, Non-Appearance of key persons, damage to or loss of property and Public and Employers Liability. Complete a proposal form when you start planning your event, notify WorldWide of all the costs you could be exposed to and we’ll advise on the type of cover you need.


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