Golf is a precise art and can be tricky at the best of times, so imagine golfer Peter Roles’ surprise when he managed to score a hole in one at Stockport County FC’s annual golf day at Houldsworth Golf Club in Reddish on the 10th of June.

With torrential rain to contend with, Peter and his team from the Davenport Arms in Woodford had already played eight holes when event organisers decided that, due to the weather, the 14th hole would be the last. Stepping up to take his final shot of the day, Peter’s hopes were low as the ball had to make it past a lake and clear 162 yards on hole 14. When the ball bounced and disappeared Peter was stunned to realise that he’d landed his fist ever hole in one in competition conditions, winning a brand new £22,000 Golf from Inchcape Volkswagen Stockpot sponsored by C&C Insurance Brokers.

“It was the last hole and my last shot,’ said Peter. ‘I saw the ball bounce and then just disappear for a split second. Normally, you’ll see it bounce and then roll to a stop. I really didn’t think it would get there because it was over water. Then I saw that a guy on the green had his hands up in the air, then I had my hands up. It was surreal. I’ve never had anything like it in a competition. I’ve been with other people when it’s happened to them and it’s always exciting. There is just extreme joy when it happens to you. All the lads were as excited as I was. It was nice because there were quite a few of us there to witness it. It was superb. Things like this just don’t happen to me. It was a great way to end the day. It’s a lovely car I’m thrilled to bits.”